Saturday, December 19, 2009

My favorite movie 2009~ AVATAR

Today i had watched the most attractive, the highest budget of production ( $300 million ) - Avatar in this year 2009......

This movie really give me a huge impact. Actually i am certainly expecting something when i had watched the trailer since last few month. Attract especially with the design and the 3D looks. I didn't search about the story line and wait until today. It surprise me. Really.....Story line clear and directly hit the point. Just like what the director said (i read from the newspaper) 3 hours, every moment is important, not cold spot.

First, chasing for the dream. Our hero Sam Worthington was replace his brother to be the part of the controller of the Na'vi. For your guys imformation, this guys is a disable charming soldier. However, he is still finding his way to heal his legs. So, from the beginning he shall betray the group of the Na'vi in order to cure his legs. But finally he get what he want when living with the Na'iv. He get his confident, happiest life in Pandora.

Second, a lesson of keep it work. When Hawa was selected Jake Sully, he need to learn and adapt all the culture, language, riding skill and others. So, he working hard, learn everything in three month. This is reflect nothing is impossible however in a short period of time.

Third, War reflect the reality of life. This can be seperate into two big part. First, war destroy the living place of the Na'vi. War is bloodiness, kill someone is innocent. Second, war destroy the forest. Once i saw the missile targeting the big giant tree and then the tree was fallen, i feels sad and speechless because it just show that what we are doing now reflect on the movie screen. It doesn't directly toward to the war between USA with the Middle East country, but also to every kind of activity that which is destroying our forest, illegal lumbering and others.

Fourth, the power and spirits of team work. During the climax of this movie, the group of Na'vi need to figure out the way to survive and protect The Na'vi Home. So, he find other faction in order to gain more power in order to fight back the people of the sky. This again prove the power in a group.

Fifth, need to have a capable leader in a team. Jake is brave, capable to lead the Na'vi. However he is not the leader in the group, but he already own a leadership in symbolically.
He is smart and brave. He knows that he cannot fight with the people from the sky (However he is one of them) alone and no people (The Na'vi) will listen to him. So, he plans to get a toruk macto in order to gain the trust from the Na'vi.

Sixth, love. It doesn't mean only about the relationship between Jake and Neytiri, but also Neytiri with her father, respectiveness of the others Na'vi, and how the Na'vi showing their love to the nature. This is shown when the tree fall down during the attack by the people from the sky. You can see the Na'vi is crying. Tear cannot be stop while screaming in order to release the pain inside their heart. Because That tree is their home, the place they was growing up. They love their home.

In fact, there are many more details that i had miss up during writing on this blog. However, it is awesome and great movie. I can't wait to introduce to you guys. Hope you all will not miss it.

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chiahooi said...

yea, i oso just watched avatar! luv it ^^ really a nice movie!